Relax, the days of tizz-boom are over!

True Signal Audio follows the ideal of neither subtracting from nor adding to the audio signal. While it’s impossible to fully achieve this goal, we believe that our loudspeaker and interconnect cables come pretty darn close.
Assembled from high-quality material manufactured by our parent company in the US, our cables offer a degree of neutrality that will let your audio components truly shine. With True Signal Audio in the chain, the sound of a good hi-fi system gains poise, power, clarity and coherence.

Analogue XLR Interconnects

Silver Ultimate
Our flagship XLR interconnect uses individual low-loss conductors, a spiral foil shield and high-quality Neutrik connectors that we hand-solder in the UK.

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rca interconnect

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speaker cables

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BNC Interconnects

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We didn’t always make cables for hi-fi systems. But we’ve always been making cables: for the medical industry, the military and – pardon the cliché – NASA. In these fields, signal integrity and reliability are absolutely crucial. It’s where we cut our teeth and where we gained the expertise we have today.

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