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About Us

We didn’t always make cables for hi-fi systems. But we’ve always been making cables: for the medical industry, the military and – pardon the cliché – NASA. In these fields, signal integrity and reliability are absolutely crucial. It’s where we cut our teeth and where we gained the expertise we have today.

After a chance meeting with a British audio engineer in the mid 2000s, we started getting involved in the hi-fi industry. We had no idea how much fun – and crazy – it would be! Applying our knowledge to interconnect and speaker cables, we were amazed at the impact our designs had on the performance of hi-fi systems.

In 2015, we founded True Signal Audio to develop products under our own brand, adding an extra dynamic that very few cable suppliers have: we actually make our own wires! With very few exceptions, all of our cables are hand-extruded by our parent company in the US and then shipped to us in the UK, where we terminate them with high-quality connectors. Being able to specify, engineer, test and manufacture exactly what we need for a given application
is a huge advantage.

We routinely measure a number of performance parameters during the development of our products to ensure that they transfer the signal with as little loss and distortion as possible. Naturally, we also conduct extensive listening tests because, when you kick back and put on some tunes, we want your hi-fi to give its absolute best.