Digital Interconnects

True Signal Digital 75 OHM

True Signal Digital 75 OHM

Thanks to their 75-ohm impedance rating, BNC plugs offer a better connection than RCA plugs on digital interconnects. However, in some configurationsRCA plugs are unavoidable. Enter the Digital 75, a stranded-core digital cable that features a special construction to counteract the impedance mismatch between RCA plugs. As a result, this cable is almost as clear and dynamic sounding as our reference cable, the Pitch Black BNC.

True Signal Pitch Black BNC to BNC  (1 Meter)

True Signal Pitch Black BNC to BNC (1 Meter)

Originally designed for 4K cameras, the Pitch Black is a 75-ohm shielded cable with a stranded core and 75-ohm BNC connectors. It is equally efficient at transferring audio or video with the least amount of loss, resulting in very clear, dynamic image and sound quality.

True Signal Red BNC to BNC 75 Ohm Cable (1 Meter)

True Signal Red BNC to BNC 75 Ohm Cable (1 Meter)

The Red,our entry level digital BNC cable, is made from silver-plated stranded cores and a silver-plated shield. Compared to our reference cable, the Red uses a less elaborate, but very effective construction that enables it to punch well above its weight sonically.

AES Digital XLR   1m

AES Digital XLR 1m

Fusion Optical Cable 1m

In our Fusion cable, we use an angle-polished glass fibre to ensure that the lighttravels from A to B without any mechanical interference. It may sound whacky, but this can have a huge impact on sound quality. Toslink cables are not as prevalent as they used to be, but they still have their place – for example between your TV and your DAC, where the Fusion can offer much better sound quality than HDMI cables.